WAAC Newsletter

Volume 17, Number 3
Sep 1995


President's Letter
Pauline Mohr

Then and Now
Carolyn Tallent

The IIC Keck Award
Caroline K. Keck

Obituary Notice: R. Bruce Hutchison
Jim Bernstein

The Next Generation of Lights: Electrodeless
Frank A. Florentine

An Update on Micromist Fire Extinguishment Systems
Nicholas Artim

The Conservator's Approach to Sacred Art
Vicki Heikell
Dean Whiting
Miriam Clavir
Nancy Odegaard
Marian A. Kaminitz
John C. Moss

Regional News, Neil C. Cockerline, editor

Health and Safety, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Technical Exchange, Dean Yoder, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary Piper Hough, editor

Publications, Susana C. Zubiate, editor

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Susana C. Zubiate, editor

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