WAAC Newsletter

Volume 13, Number 2
May 1991


President's Letter
Glenn Wharton

Jerry Podany will represent WAAC at NIC Meetings
Elizabeth C. Welsh

A Remembrance: Pat Reeves
Sharon Gordon Donnan
Patricia Connell
Sharon K. Shore

Conservators should commit time and effort to institutional politics and financial management
Terri Schindel

Update and Feedback: Controlling Relative Humidity with Saturated Calcium Nitrate Solutions: Follow-up Report
Julie Creahan
Garry Thomson
Eric F. Hansen

For its new Contemporary Sculpture Garden, LACMA's conservators faced intriguing challenges mounting and protecting outdoor art
Stephen Cristin-Poucher

Formaldehyde: Detection and Mitigation
Cecily M. G. Druzik
Dusan C. Stulik

Conservation Training in Latin America
Suzanne Deal Booth

Zora's Column: Comments on 'The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide,' by Monona Rossol--or--Rushing into the Arms of Panic?
Zora Sweet Pinney

WAAC to publish a handling guide for use in anthropology museums
Elizabeth C. Welsh

Regional News, Tatyana M. Thompson, editor

Technical Exchange, Walter Henry, editor

Health & Safety: An Unsound Mind in a Healthier Body, Chris Stavroudis, editor

Conference Reviews, Mary P. Hough

AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed, Rosanna Zubiate, editor

Publications-Audiovisual, Rosanna Zubiate, editor

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