JAIC 2001, Volume 40, Number 3, Article 3 (pp. 193 to 209)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 2001, Volume 40, Number 3, Article 3 (pp. 193 to 209)




The TechArchaeology project was developed in large part by Mona Jimenez, independent media consultant in New York. Critical and sustaining support was received from Christopher Eamon. Dara Birnbaum generously contributed her time and insight to this project. The author wishes to thank the project participants mentioned in the introduction, especially the authors of the papers presented in this issue.


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PAUL MESSIER holds an A. B. in art history from Vassar College (1984) and an M. A. and C. A. S. in the conservation of works of art on paper from the State University College at Buffalo (1990). He is a founder and the first chair of the American Institute for Conservation's Electronic Media Group (1997–99). He served as program chair for the AIC's 2000 Annual Meeting on the theme of electronic media. Since 1998, Messier has held the position of adjunct faculty of photography conservation at the State University College at Buffalo. He opened his private practice, Boston Art Conservation, in 1994. The sustaining focus of his practice is the conservation of photographs, works of art on paper, and electronic media. He is a professional associate member of the American Institute for Conservation. Address: Boston Art Conservation, 60 Oak Square Avenue, Boston, Mass. 02135.

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