JAIC 1995, Volume 34, Number 1, Article 9 (pp. 92 to 92)
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JAIC 1995, Volume 34, Number 1, Article 9 (pp. 92 to 92)


Peter Krause reviewed two books concerned with photograph conservation (pp. 317–23). We regret that his name was misspelled, as was the name of Klaus B. Hendriks, an author of one of the books reviewed, Fundamentals of Photograph Conservation: A Study Guide.

The biography of Henry Florsheim, one of the authors of “Embedding paint cross-section samples in polyester resins: Problems and solutions” (pp. 227–45), was inadvertently omitted.


HENRY A. FLORSHEIM received his B. S. and M. S. degrees in organic chemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles. His research interests involved the detection and identification of organic binders in paint layers. He provided the expertise for the fluorescent staining in the paper. Henry died in August 1993.

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