JAIC 1994, Volume 33, Number 2, Article 3 (pp. 101 to 114)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1994, Volume 33, Number 2, Article 3 (pp. 101 to 114)




1. Instruction in the use of the PLM for the conservator is available at graduate programs in art conservation and at independent facilities such as the McCrone Research Institute.


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Equipment necessary for a conservator's PLM laboratory

McCrone Accessories and Components 850 Pasquinelli Dr., Westmont, Ill. 60559

Commercial laboratories include:

Charles Evans and Associates, 301 Chesapeake Dr., Redwood City, Calif. 94063

McCrone Group, 850 Pasquinelli Dr., Westmont, Ill. 60559

MVA, 5500 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite 200, Norcross, Ga. 30093

R. J. Lee Group, 350 Hockberg Rd., Monroeville, Pa. 15146

Structure Probe, P.O. Box 656, West Chester, Pa. 19381

Cargille refractive index liquids:

R. P. Cargille Laboratories, 55 Commerce Rd., Cedar Grove, N.J. 07009

KAP extended arm stereomicroscope:

Schleuter Instrument Corporation, Twin Lakes Technological Park, 4699 Nautilus Court, Suite 105, Boulder, Colo. 80301


WALTER C. MCCRONE received B. chem. and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University. He worked at the Illionois Institute of Technology Research for 12 years before starting his own research laboratory, McCrone Associates, in 1956. His special interests have always been chemical microscopy, crystallography, and ultramicroanalysis. He has more than 350 technical publications, including 12 books. In 1960 he started the McCrone Research Institute, devoted to teaching and fundamental research. He is editor and publisher of the international applied journal of microscopy, The Microscope. He is an Honorary Member of the American Institute for Conservation, a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, and a member of many other societies. He has received a number of awards: Benedetti-Pichler (1970), Ernst Abbe (1977), Anachem (1981), and Criminalist of the Year (1985), among others. Address: McCrone Research Institute, 2820 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60616–3292.

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