JAIC 1992, Volume 31, Number 2, Article 5 (pp. 213 to 223)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1992, Volume 31, Number 2, Article 5 (pp. 213 to 223)




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STANTON ANDERSON is a senior research scientist in the Image Stability Technical Center of Eastman Kodak Company. He has worked for more than 20 years on the research and development of photographic products, processes, and their related image stability. He is actively involved in publishing, lecturing, and consulting on the conservation of photographic images. Address: Eastman Kodak Company, Image Stability Technical Center, 1700 Dewey Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14650.

ROBERT ELLISON, now retired from Kodak, is the former director of the Image Stability Technical Center. He held various technical and supervisory positions in the Quality Services Organization while at Kodak.

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