JAIC 1983, Volume 22, Number 2, Article 5 (pp. 92 to 97)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1983, Volume 22, Number 2, Article 5 (pp. 92 to 97)


Randall Couch, & Mihaly Turbucz

3 Instructions for half-size trays

5) Figure 3 shows a combination which is useful for larger drawers that must house works falling into several standard sizes. Two unpartitioned trays, or one of each type, may be combined in each drawer by making them half-size. Follow steps 1–4, but for tray dimensions (1, w, h) use the following formulas:

Fig. .
We have found that if the trays are accurately constructed, they fit in the drawers snugly (see Fig. 4). The slight tension provided by the side wall folds eliminates the need for tape or adhesives to hold the trays in position, even when their contents are light in weight.

Fig. 3. Tray in combination in over drawer.

Fig. 4. A drawer containing art work in paper folders held within trays constructed to the dimensions of the folders.

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