JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 7 (pp. 86 to 86)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 7 (pp. 86 to 86)

1.1 To the Editor:

In the last edition of the Journal, Mr. David Dudley omitted acknowledging the efforts of the following conservators who actually treated the wall hangings mentioned in the article Conservation of Leather Wall Hangings in the James J. Hill Mansion (JAIC 20, 1981, 147–149):

  • Mr. James Horns, Head Conservator of Paintings; Upper Midwest Conservation Association;
  • Ms. Downey Rutgiv, Assistant Conservator of Paper, Upper Midwest Conservation Association;
  • Miss Lisa Miller, Conservation Fellow;
  • and yours truly, Kenneth B. Katz, who at the time was Assistant Conservator of Paintings, but is now Conservator of Paintings, Intermuseum Conservation Laboratory, Oberlin, Ohio.

In addition, colored wax fills were also employed where the tooled, leather inserts weren't used, especially at the joins of the panels. Finally, the Tetko polyester fabric mentioned was Pecap #H-7-60, which can be obtained by contracting Al Guercio at Tetko Inc., 420 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, N.Y. 10523, 914-529-5010.

Sincerely, Kenneth B.Katz

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