JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 35 to 42)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1982, Volume 21, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 35 to 42)


Aron A. Apisdorf


I wish to thank F.L. Hollendonner of the Cleveland Museum of Art and Eleanor McMillan, Supervisor Conservator of the Conservation Analytical Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution for their encouragement to me when I embarked on a conservation career. Thanks are due also to Mr. Emilio Cianfoni, Chief Conservator of Vizcaya Dade County Art Museum, Miami, Florida for bringing this interesting project to my attention, and to Mr. Richard Perry of the Fine Arts Department of York University, Toronto, Canada, to the Chinese Curator of the Royal Ontario Museum, and to Mr. Brian Dursum, Curator of Oriental Art and Assistant to the Director, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Miami, Florida for their assistance in identifying the urn and supplying background information. I also thank the owner for allowing me to publish the treatment of the urn. Finally, great thanks go to my wife, Judith C. Apisdorf, for her invaluable help in the preparation of this article.

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