JAIC 1981, Volume 21, Number 1, Article 2 (pp. 43 to 48)
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JAIC 1981, Volume 21, Number 1, Article 2 (pp. 43 to 48)


Randall Couch


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The procedure for performing the Taylor Hardness test is given in the Library of Congress Workshop Note cited above. All titrations discussed in this paper were done in conformity with this procedure. Note especially that all samples are filtered before titration, as the presence of undissolved magnesium compounds can invalidate the results. The Taylor Total Hardness Set, catalog no. 1123, includes all necessary chemicals and some equipment, and is available from Taylor Chemicals, Inc., 7300 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21204.

Fig. .

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Filter type: Culligan HD-20, backwashable, filters particulates to 10 microns. Mineral analysis at source provided by Town of Andover, July 1980.

Deionizer: a mixed-bed resin supplied by MWM Company, Inc., 11 Newbury St., Quincy, MA 02171. Order description IRN150.

For the limited purposes of this test, the most convenient source of carbonated water was deemed satisfactory. Canada Dry Salt-Free Seltzer, unlike ordinary “tasty” seltzers and club soda, lists carbonated water as its only ingredient.

Wilson, W.K., et al.Preparation …, pp. 7–8.

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