JAIC 1981, Volume 20, Number 2, Article 11 (pp. 126 to 138)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1981, Volume 20, Number 2, Article 11 (pp. 126 to 138)


Marjorie Shelley

1.1 Dr:Sir/

I send You by Capt: Van Alen a Box Markd:P. which Contains 4 Marble slabs/which I ordered for You from Holland the Cost of them is as pr: Accot: Inclosed £18..0..1018..0..10 I Also send a small Case Mark:d P. which Contains paper for your Hall which Cost 38̈12̈8-1/2 for both which sum I have debited Your Accot. I wish they may please You, the directions how to place the paper is in the Box & You must take special Care if You Open it to look at, that it be putt up as You found it, with the Letters on the outside I Opened it and think it very Handsome indeed.. I am told You Intend to gett Stucco work on the Ceiling of Your Hall which I would not advise You to do, a Plain Ceiling is now Esteemed the most Genteel I send You Also by Van Alen, a Comyene Cheese putt up in a Barrel with 12 Coco Nutts, & in an Old bottle Case are 5 doz Oranges & a few Limons Your Mother Also sends for Katey a pott sweet Meats we Expect Peggy & Sally Every day the Cold weather with doubtless drive them home very soon-with my Love to Mrs: Rensalaer & the family-I remain


I wish to thank Merritt Safford for his advice and encouragement throughout this project, Eric Harding of the British Museum for introducing me to the soluble nylon facing technique, Suzanne Duff and Karl Buchberg for their invaluable work, and the members of the Paper Conservation Department at the Metropolitan Museum for their assistance.

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