JAIC 1981, Volume 20, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 53 to 57)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1981, Volume 20, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 53 to 57)


Edward L. Kallop

ABSTRACT—As an interdisciplinary concern, historic wallpaper and its conservation open the door for an exploration of priorities which necessarily cut across the disciplines concerned and jointly involve curators, conservators—both paper and those specializing in pigments—as well as historic preservation architects and architectural conservators. Professional points of departure for each are not the same, thereby affecting priorities and how they are set. In today's economic climate with fiscal constraints all around us, priorities are essential with each of these disciplines playing a role that must understand other professional concerns and respect their particular priorities. Only in this way can the desired end be achieved with due dispatch and reasonable cost.

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