Water and Paper, Conservation Principles
6-7June 2011
Doris Müller-Hess, AT-Wien
Hildegard Homburger, DE-Berlin

Hildegard Homburger, DE-Berlin,

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Hildegard Homburger, Krefelder Str. 17, Vorderhaus, 2. Stock, 10555 Berlin, Germany, Tel./Fax +49-30-3912503, h.homburger@t-online.de
Paper is mainly containing cellulose. The interaction between cellulose and water influences the behaviour of the paper, it’s ability to absorb and desorb water. With the aid of the didactical material compiled by Irene Brückle and Gerhard Banik in their project ’Water and Paper‘ the principles of the interacton of cellulose and water will be explained. Various treatment methods of humidification will be demonstrated and discussed as well as washing and drying techniques.

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