Book and Paper Group

American Institute for Conservation

Minutes from the Business Meeting of the AIC Book and Paper Group Annual Meeting

Adams Mark Hotel, St. Louis, MO; Saturday, 12 June 1999

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Abigail Quandt, Book and Paper Group Chair, at 7:30 am. The incoming chair, Nancy Purinton, was introduced. Abigail listed the information sheets that were provided for this year's meeting: agenda (these minutes follow her agenda), publication committee report, treasurer's report, and letter regarding The Broad Spectrum Color Media Conference.

2. Approval of Minutes From 1998 Meeting

Approval of minutes from the 1998 BPG business meeting in Arlington, VA was solicited by Abigail, moved by Bill Minter and others and seconded by Maria Fredericks, Sarah Stauderman, and others.

3. Results of the 1999 Nominating Committee

Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler, Chair of the BPG Nominating Committee, acknowledged and thanked the other members of the nominating committee, Nancy Ash, Faith Zieske, and Shannon Zachary. Over 900 ballots were sent out to the membership and 192 votes were received. Mary Lynn thanked the members willing to run for office and encouraged them to run again. They were Bobbie Pilette, Glen Ruzucka, Margo McFarland, Miranda Martin, Emily Klayman and Stephanie Watkins. Mary Lynn then announced the results of the 1999 elections for Assistant Chair, Assistant Program Chair, and Secretary - Treasurer. Incoming officers are Glen Ruzicka as Assistant Chair, Miranda Martin as Assistant Program Chair, and Stephanie Watkins as Secretary-Treasurer.

4. Call for 2000 Nominating Committee Members

Outgoing chair, Abigail Quandt, Maria Fredericks, Rachel Mustalish, and Sarah Stauderman, agreed to serve as the new nominating committee. The new board positions that will need to be filled are assistant chair and assistant program chair.

5. Discussion of Nominations to Bpg Executive Council (aka The "Board")

Abigail opened the floor for membership discussion of preference for a single or contested slate of BPG executive council office candidates. Walter Henry, Bill Minter, and Sarah Stauderman spoke in favor of a single slate. The difficulty for the nominating committee with contested offices is getting enough people to run. Some people felt discouraged from not being elected and are reluctant to run again. Diversity in the executive council is chosen when the membership chooses members to be on the nominating committee. Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler, Dianne van der Reyden, and Jane Klinger spoke in favor of contested slates. However homogeneous we may appear, we represent different aspects of our disciplines. A single slate carries the implication that the board is promoting elitism, perpetuating themselves or leaving the membership without choices. Betsy Eldridge suggested the board come up with a single slate and the membership would be responsible for promoting a second candidate. The thoughts of the membership present at the meeting were taken with an informal "show-of-hands" and the majority preferred to continue with contested elections.

6. Publications: Publications Committee

Kate Maynor read a letter from Publications Committee Chair, Robert Espinosa, reprinted here:

"Saludos from Utah to the Book and Paper Group.
I hope St. Louis is unseasonably cool this year. I spent several years there as an undergraduate and I know the bosom of the Mississippi. Having missed few AIC meetings over the past 20 years, this year I am appreciating June without a conference name badge. Still I'd like to make a brief report on behalf of the BPG publications committee.
You all received a report from the committee in the BPG mailing, outlining a proposed mission statement for BPG publications and addressing the BPG response to the AIC Publication Committee draft document. What I would like to add is that I don't think our brief report fully conveyed the importance of our work vis-a-vis the AIC Publication Committee and the effort the BPG Publication Committee expended in this direction during the past year.
The AIC Publications Committee has been in existence for several years, but has not been able to reach consensus on many of the issues facing AIC publications. In an attempt to address some of these issues, a draft document on publications was formulated before last year's annual meeting, but was not widely circulated. The BPG Publications Committee recognized both the importance of such a document for all AIC publication efforts and the limitations of this particular document, and spend considerable energy responding to it. I believe our response was pivotal in helping the AIC board understand more in depth some of the larger issues regarding AIC specialty group publications and also in appreciating some of the procedural problems with this document and the process used to draft it.
It is self-evident that in order to have coherent specialty group publication policies, AIC must first have a bread level publication policy that is representative of the entire group. Even as we have attempted to draft our own mission statement for publications, the PBG publications committee cannot complete this task without a more general AIC policy that addresses all AIC specialty group publications. It appears that a meeting of representatives from all specialty group publications is being planned for this year which will provided a forum for wider input and better understanding of specialty group publications, vastly improving the procedural problems alluded to above. Following this meeting our committee will be in a better position to take up BPG publication issues in the coming year.
Regarding the BPG Annual, this year's Annual has been on a slower than usual schedule and is still in production, with fourteen papers submitted for publication. However, I would like to announce the addition of Shannon Zachary to this year's Annual production team, and the happy decision to have Shannon assume responsibilities as compiler and managing editor of the Annual beginning next year. Shannon spent an extended weekend working with me on this year's production, learning many of the production procedures, and I am extremely pleased to be passing on my duties to someone with her experiences and competence. Please welcome Shannon.
Thank you,
Robert Espinosa"

Robert is also stepping down as chair of the Publications Committee and Kate Maynor is assuming the position as Publication Committee Chair. For information contact her at the National Museum of American Art at (202) 357-2685.

Conservation Catalog

Kate Maynor reported that an electronic version of the Paper Conservation Catalog was being pursued. The Book Conservation Catalog's sewing chapter is proceeding. The BCC consists of chair, Olivia Primanis, Pam Barrios, Gillian Boal, Maria Fredericks, Nancy Lev Alexander, and Barbara Rhodes. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact Olivia Primanis at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin at (512) 471-9117.

Annual News

This year's Annual is still in production. There were 14 papers submitted. The new Annual compiler and managing editor, Shannon Zachary, thanked Robert Espinosa for all his years of excellence as Annual editor and stated she was excited by the challenge. Robert generously gave her an orientation to the responsibilities this past year and she hoped to meet the precedent of quality publications that Robert had achieved. She then made a request for papers. Along with papers, Shannon asked authors to think about illustrations as she has the capacity to scan line drawings, photographic prints, and slides.

Pmg & Bpg Joint Meeting

Abigail commented that the Photographic Materials Group (PMG) and Book and Paper Group joint session held on Friday, 11 June 199 has fabulous presentations that had gone smoothly and were well received. Future collaborations look promising. Presentations from the session will be jointly published in a one-time publication in addition to the BPG Annual and PMG Topics. Book and Paper Group Presenters are encouraged to submit their papers to the editor, Shannon Zachary at (734) 763-6980.

A discussion ensued regarding publications. Shannon asked for membership discussion regarding content of the Annual in light of recent policy discussions by the AIC publications board. Liz Schulte, representing the AIC Publications Board, said there had been some clarification of terms over the past year regarding an earlier draft of publication policies from the AIC Publications Committee. That body decided that publications titled "Post-Prints" must exclusively cover the presentations of one meeting. An "Annual" can be inclusive allowing any type of submission from tips, presentation papers to non-meeting articles.

Ellen McCrady voiced her opinion that she was disturbed to see obviously unedited papers that make authors look horrible and felt BPG should not do this, but did not make a proposal. In order for the Annual to do this, volunteers would be needed to edit submissions. Niccolo Caldararo spoke in favor of the submission of "not fully polished" papers. Tom Edmondson suggested that authors proof their papers and not rely on "spell-check" on their submissions as the minimum one could do. Responding to Shannon's original question, Doris Hamburg spoke in favor of the Annual remaining open, non-peer reviewed and accepting of a full range of submission types and formats.

7. Meeting Presentations: Program Chair's Report

Nancy Heugh, program chair, outlined the program: The Archives Discussion Group, chaired by Kathy Ludwig, hosted a Thursday luncheon session on mold and the surface cleaning of mold. Guest presenters included Hanna Szczepanowska and Mary Wood Lee. The topic will be discussed further at the next year's meeting in Philadelphia. Thursday evening, the Library Collection Conservator's Discussion Group, with co-chairs Margaret (Meg) Brown and Ethel Hellman, hosted a meeting discussing pressure-sensitive tape and repair methods, a program to be repeated at the American Libraries Association (ALA). Guest speakers included a 3M representative, Joseph P. Callahan, Jr. and NARA's pressure-sensitive tape empress, Elissa O'Loughlin. On Friday morning, a half-day joint session of Book and Paper Group and Photographic Materials Group on the topic of Photographic Albums and Scrapbooks was held. The ten presentations went well and were followed by a joint luncheon. On Saturday, a full day of mixed-topic papers and four tips followed the business meeting breakfast. The finale to the BPG program was the Reception at the International Bowling Museum, which provided a refreshing and fun break from a more traditional venue. Next year's meeting in Philadelphia will not have a theme and the membership was encouraged to submit papers for consideration to incoming program chair, Jane Klinger.

8. General Announcements

Carolyn Horton Award

Abigail announced this year's recipient of the Carolyn Horton Award, Julie Biggs, Paper Conservator at the Folger-Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. The Carolyn Horton awards money for professional development of BPG members. This fund is administered by AIC and those interested should apply to the AIC office by February 3, 2000.

Commentary Committee for Aic Code of Ethics

Incoming chair, Nancy Purinton, will be looking for four volunteers to join Martha Smith, who has already volunteered, to work on this year's round of commentaries on the Guidelines for Practice. Interested members should contact Nancy at the National Parks Service at (304) 535-6143.

Upcoming Conference

IIC's 2002 conference, Art of the Book, will be held in Baltimore, MD. Abigail stated this conference was the idea of Mary Ballard, conservation scientist at SCMRE, and encouraged the membership to submit proposals for presentations.

9. Treasurer's Report

Outgoing treasurer, Alison Luxner, said that the BPG was "running close to our projected budget. As of the end of the first quarter for 1999, the BPG had a balance of $58,212.38, with $11,341.83 allocated for the Paper Conservation Catalog. Our expenses for 1999 are expected to be just under $25,000.00. A surplus of $4,490.00 is anticipated." Expenses this year were routine and within budget. Alison gave a "HISTORY OF RECENT FUNDING: Since 1995, 2 to 4 board members each year have received $200.00 to assist with Annual Meeting expenses. The membership voted for this funding at the St. Paul meeting in 1995. 1998: $1000.00 was contributed toward the conference, Looking at Paper in Toronto. The membership voted on this funding at the San Diego meeting in 1997. 1998: $210.00 was reimbursed to foreign speakers, and $2,295.15 was reimbursed to two speakers for the LCCDG program. The funding was agreed to by the BPG Board. 1999: So far approximately $750.00 has been reimbursed to Publication Committee members to meet in Washington, D.C. The membership voted to provide up to $1,500.00 for this purpose at the Arlington meeting in 1998." Alison felt these were worthwhile expenditures, but suggested the BPG devise a plan or guideline for allocation of funds. As it is, the board must consider the merits of each request as they are made. The BPG might want to consider funding more joint publications. Alison concluded her duties on the board and welcomed incoming secretary-treasurer, Stephanie Watkins.

10. Anticipated Expenses for Year 2000

Abigail noted that this year's publication budget will be large with the joint publication of the Photographic Album session. However, the BPG has a large cushion of funds and this added expense would not pose any hardship.

A proposal by Abigail was made for $1500 for the publication committee members to meet again this year for a two day meeting mid-year in Washington, D.C. This was the same amount agreed upon for last year and the funds were used primarily to reimburse airfares. Not all of the allocated funds were used last year, but the composition of the committee is changing. The proposal was unanimously passed by the membership.

Abigail made a proposal on behalf of Harriet Stratis of the Art Institute of Chicago. Harriet requested $3000 in support of the The Broad Spectrum: The Art and Science of Conserving Colored Media on Paper conference in Chicago in October 1999. Abigail stated that the board felt this conference to be worthwhile and will be a significant contribution to the field. Fifteen foreign speakers are expected and a post-prints is already planned. The board recommended that BPG membership support this conference. The floor was opened for discussion. Mary Wood Lee and Betsy Eldridge both agreed with the expenditure stating that it was exactly what BPG ought to be doing and strongly urged the membership to support this endeavor. Betsy further expressed thanks to the membership from the Toronto Group for the BPG money donated last year to the Looking at Paper Conference in Toronto. The financial support was very much appreciated. The proposal in support of financial assistance to the conference passed unanimously.

11. Discussion From the Floor: General Or New Business

Request to Translate Non-English Conservation Literature

Reviving the discussion in San Diego, Niccolo Caldararo suggested that Book and Paper Group monies be made available for translations of non-English conservation literature, specifically Asian and Eastern European publications such as Japan's Science and Conservation that could then be published in the Annual.

Liz Schulte noted that translations from English to other languages have been done on a case-by-case basis. Irene Bruckle said that some German book conservation titles have been translated by Dr. Gerhard Banick who runs a conservation training program in Fellbach, Germany. The difficulty is in getting technical literature properly translated. There can be problems with incorrect translations. There can also be problems with choosing what can or should be translated and getting permission for the translation. Author's may wish some control over information going out. Dianne van der Reyden looked into the costs of properly translated materials several years ago and the costs were high. Developing a method of choosing what is to be translated is another consideration. It was suggested that people put forward articles they feel would be helpful to begin with a short summary provided by those requesting translation. Ellen McCrady suggested that there be a translation committee. Abigail suggested the publications committee could discuss the question of translations further.

Oral History Project

Betsy Eldridge commented on the importance of the Oral History Project organized by Joyce Hill Stoner. She suggested that the specialty group memberships ought to be responsible for their own histories and backgrounds. She suggested the PBG membership consider developing a list of older professionals who have contributed to BPG to interview for a history of the field, such as Anne Clapp or members of the certification board. This is something the new board should look into.

Liz Schulte reminded the membership that the $18,000 Kress Foundation Conservation Publication Fellowship is available to AIC professional associates and fellows to support work on publications. The deadline is November 1, 1999.

12. Close of Meeting

The meeting concluded at 8:25 am and was adjourned with a motion by Thomas Edmondson and others and seconded by T.K. McClintock, Bill Minter, and others.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Watkins, BPG Secretary/Treasurer, October 1999

[Note for computerized version: This version does not currently contain the Excel spread sheet of the breakdown of expenses by the Book and Paper Group for 1999.]