Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 34 2015
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 34


Superstorm Sandy: Response, Salvage, and Treatment of Rare Pamphlets from New York University's Ehrman Medical Library
Angela M. Andres

Foxing and Reverse Foxing: Condition Problems in Modern Papers and the Role of Inorganic Additives
Sarah Bertalan

Subject and Object: Exploring the Conservator's Evolving Relationship with Collection Material
Julie L. Biggs
Yasmeen R. Khan

Update to the Case Study: A Practical Approach to the Conservation & Restoration of a Pair of Large Diameter English Globes
Lorraine Bigrigg
Deborah La Camera

Multitasking on a Shoestring: Storage and Display Mounts for Oversized Maps at the Library of Virginia
Leslie Courtois

Unlocking the Secrets of Letterlocking to Reseal the Letters of John Donne and Other Early Modern Letter Writers
Jana L. Dambrogio
Daniel Starza Smith
Heather Wolfe

Preserving the Spirit Within: Bringing Twenty-Five Tibetan Initiation Cards into the 21st Century
Yana Van Dyke
Angela Campbell

The Brut Chronicle: Revived and Reconstructed
Deborah Howe

Understanding and Preserving the Print Culture of the Confederacy
Evan Knight

Cross-Disciplinary Uses for Gellan Gum in Conservation
Anne F. Maheux

16th-17th Century Italian Chiaroscuro Woodcuts: Instrumental Analysis, Degradation, and Conservation
Linda Stiber Morenus
Charlotte Eng
Naoko Takahatake
Diana Rambaldi

Confidence in the Bath
Adam Novak

The Book as Art: Conserving the Bible from Edward Kienholz's The Minister
Todd Pattison

Affichomanie: Retracing the History and Practice of Lining Belle Époque Posters with Fabric
Tessa Thomas
Joan Weir

To Do or Not To Do: Two Examples of Decision Making for Digital Infilling on Asian Format Mounting
Hsin-Chen Tsai

Heat-Set Tissue: Finding a Practical Solution of Adhesives
Lauren M. Varga
Jennifer K. Herrmann
Kathleen Ludwig

Archives Conservation Discussion Group 2015: The Effects of MPLP on Archives: 10 Years Later
Andrea Knowlton
Dawn Mankowski

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2015: Let Me Help You Help Me: Outreach as Preventative Conservation
Anahit Campbell
Danielle Creech
Jacqueline Keck

Skin Against Paper: Identification of Historical Interleaving Materials in Indo-Iranian Manuscripts
Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes

Lighten Up: Enhancing the Visitor Experience
Linda S. Edquist

Paper, Pins, and Preservation: The Evolution of Wallpaper Conservation in a "Ruin" Environment
Stephanie M. Hoagland

The Preservation Self-Assessment Program: A Tool to Aid in Preservation and Conservation Prioritization
Jennifer Hain Teper

The How and Why for Reusing Rare Earth Magnets
Gwen Spicer