Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 33 2014
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 33


Salvage of Paper Materials from the Flooding of São Luiz do Paraitinga
Fernanda Modessi Auada
Cristina Sanches Morais
Ellen Maganini
Gabriela de Melo Bakiewicz
Dyego S. Martarelli de Cerqueira
Andresa Angueira

Conservation for Digitization at the Wellcome Library
Gillian Boal

Conservation of Johannes Herolt's Sermones de tempore, c. 1450
Harry Campbell

Conserving the Iraqi Jewish Archive for Digitization
Katherine Kelly
Anna Friedman

Scraps of Memories, Shards of Time: Preserving the African American Scrapbook Collection of Emory University Libraries, a Save America's Treasures grant project
Ann Frellsen
Kim Norman
Brian Methiot

The Fadden More Psalter: De-Watering the Vellum Text
John Gillis

Investigation of Historical Japanese Paper: An Experiment to Recreate Recycled Paper from 18th-19th Century Japan
Kazuko Hioki

An Investigation of Some Screen-Prints By Corita Kent
Harry Metcalf

The Conservation of Tiffany Studios Drawings: Cases of Complex Paper Reconstruction
Marina Ruiz Molina

Indian Colored Drawings: Modern Repair Techniques for an Album of 19th Century Painting on Mica
Sarah Reidell

Conservation in Action: Conservation of Mural Cartoons in the Public Eye
Claire Titus

Made of Paper: Robert Motherwell's Collage Materials in the 1940s
Jeffrey Warda

Digital Rubbings: Monitoring Bookbindings with the Portable Mini-Dome (RICH)
Dr. Lieve Watteeuw
Bruno Vandermeulen

Art on Paper Discussion Group 2014: Re-integrating Design/Deceiving the Eye: Compensation Issues For Works on Paper
Nancy Ash
Scott Homolka

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2014: Options for Sustainable Practice in Conservation
Justin Johnson
Danielle Creech

Book and Paper Group Tips Session 2014:Contemporary Treatment--Tips and Techniques
Emily Rainwater