Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 31 2012
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 31


Insights into the Materials and Techniques of James Castle
Nancy Ash
Scott Homolka
Beth Price
Ken Sutherland

Ozalids in the Music Library: Life Before Xerox
Nelina Avery

The Populist Conservator: A Sticky Case Study
Whitney Baker

Going All the Way: Achieving the Full Potential of Collaboration between Conservators and Scientists to Produce Information, Products, and Processes of Demonstrated Use at the Bench
John W. Baty
Sonja K. Jordan-Mowery

The Conservation of the Jefferson Bible at the National Museum of American History
Laura Bedford
Janice Stagnitto Ellis
Emily Rainwater

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: The Restoration of a Globe in Relief from the Department of Geography, National School of Buenos Aires
Amalia de Grazia
Eugenia Guidobono
Maria Gabriela Mayoni
Ana Wortley

Outreach and Collaboration across Institutional Boundaries with the Treatment of the De Brys's Collection of Voyages
Erin Hammeke

Study on the Influence of Gunpowder Residues Found in Paper-Based Materials
Jen Jung Ku
Fei Wen Tsai

Deceptive Covers: Armenian Bindings on 18th Century Imprints from Constantinople (abstract)
Yasmeen Khan
Tamara Ohanyan

Change the Frame and You Change the Game? Research and Reevaluation of the Presentation Formats of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen's Paul Klee Collection
Nina Quabeck

Confronting Stenciled Posters: The Discovery, Conservation, and Display of Soviet TASS World War II Stenciled Posters (Abstract)
Cher Schneider
Harriet Stratis

True Love Forever: Preserving the Legacy of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins (abstract)
Samantha Sheesley

Examination and Analysis of a Mesoamerican Deerskin Map (abstract)
Ted Stanley

Treatment Considerations for the Haggadah Prayer Book: Evaluation of Two Antioxidants for Treatment of Copper-Containing Inks and Colorants
Season Tse
Maria Trojan-Bedynski
Doris St-Jacques

The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript: Collaboration Yields New Insights (abstract)
Paula Zyats
Gregory W. L. Hodgins
Joseph G. Barabe

Research and Technical Studies-Book and Paper Group Joint Discussion Session 2012: Mass Deacidification Today
Justin Johnson, moderator
Michael Lee, moderator
Cher Schneider, moderator

Early 20th Century Pastels: An Anoxic Case? (abstract)
Jacob Thomas