Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 30 2011
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 30


Solving the Ptolemy Puzzle
Sylvia Albro
John Bertonaschi
Lynn Brostoff
Daniel de Simone
Fenella France
Eliza Spaulding

The Conservation of Letterpress Copying Books: A Study of the Baird Collection
Beth Antoine
Marion Mecklenburg
Robert J. Speakman
Mel Wachowiak

The Relationship between Inherent Material Evidence in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Treatment Planning: Solving the Ptolemy Puzzle
Part II
Lynn Brostofffv
Sylvia Albro
John Bertonaschi
Eliza Spaulding

Made in the USA: Early American Bindings 1750-1860 at the National Archives
Jana Dambrogio

A Comparison of the Use of Sodium Metabisulfite and Sodium Dithionite for Removing Rust Stains from Paper
Seth Irwin

Using Magnets as a Conservation Tool: A New Look at Tension Drying Damaged Vellum Documents
Tammy Jordan

Treatment of an Oversize Rare Book: Research and Decisions on Rebinding
Evelyn Mayberger
Betty Fiske
Michaelle Biddle
Abigail Quandt

Yellowing of Digitally Printed Materials in Cultural Heritage Collections
Douglas Nishimura
Daniel Burge
Jean-Louis Bigourdan
Nino Gordeladze

A Comprehensive In-Situ Approach for the Analysis of Illuminated Manuscripts and Drawings: Exploring the Synergy between Imaging Spectroscopy, FORS, XRF, and High-Resolution Multispectral Infrared Reflectography
Paola Ricciardi
John k. Delaney
Lisha D. Glinsman
Mathieu Thoury
Michelle Facini

Practical Applications of Lascaux Acrylic Dispersions in Paper Conservation
Samantha Sheesley

Cut and Tape: Marguerite Yourcenar's Emendations to a Typescript of L'Oeuvre au noir
Theresa Smith

Nicolas De Fer's L'Amerique Wall Map: A Look into Ethical Concerns Resulting from Past Restoration
Doris St-Jacques
Maria Bedynski

Investigating Crayon Removal from Paper Based Japanese Prints
Hsin-Chen Tsai

Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles Russell
Jodie Utter

How far do we go? Compensation and Mounting Choices in the Treatment of Japanese Paintings
Tanya T. Uyeda

Light Bleaching: Scientific Investigation of Various Effects on Different Properties of Several Old Papers
Marion Verborg

Archives Conservation Discussion Group 2011: Digitization and its Effect on Conservation Treatment Decisions: How has Wide-Spread Digitizing of Collections Changed our Approach to Treatment?
discussion group co-chairs Melissa Tedone
Laura O'Brien Miller, moderator

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2011: Models for Educating Library, Archives Conservators
discussion group co-chairs Justin Johnson
Werner Haun, moderator

A Survey of Current Leather Conservation Practices
Jennifer Hain Teper
Melissa Straw