Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 29 2010
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 29


San Francisco Rock Posters and the Art of Photo-Offset Lithography
Victoria A. Binder

Mold Outbreak at the Documentation and Information Center
Jucara Quinteros de Farias

Which ink? Which paper? Where is it?
Florencia Gear
Ana Maria Morales
Cecilia Mazza
Cecilia Oviedo Bustos

Wet Treatments of Works of Art on Paper with Rigid Gellan Gels
Simonetta Iannuccelli
Silvia Sotgiu

Decision Making and Treatment of the Ephrata Cloister ABC Book
Joan Irving
Soyeon Choi

A Dionysian Dilemma: The Conservation and Display of Oversized Pompeian Watercolors at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Jamye Jamison
Suzanne Davis
Claudia Chemello
Wendy Partridge

Identification of Historic Pigments by Direct Microscopical Visual Analysis (abstract)
Gary J. Laughlin

Afghanistan Digital Library: Conservation Challenges
Laura McCann
Georgia Southworth
Melitte Buchman

13 Years Later: Looking Back at a Bound Pamphlet Conservation and Cataloging Project (abstract)
Consuela G. Metzger

Reading Between the Lines: Would You Know Invisible Ink If You Saw It? (abstract)
Barbara Rhodes

New Analytical Trend in Testing Paper Conservation Materials: Utilizing Miniature Spectrometers in the Lab (abstract)
Ted Stanley

A Survey of Leather Conservation Practices (abstract)
Jennifer Hain Teper
Melissa Straw

Conservation of a Series of Mural Cartoons: High Hopes on a Low Budget (abstract)
Claire Titus

Calcium Phytate Treatment on 19th Century Iron Gall Ink Documents: Overall Summary of Research Results and Implications on Treatment Decisions (abstract)
S. Tse
S. Guild
D. Goltz
V. Orlandini
M. Trojan-Bedynski

Think Oversize! The Challenge of Mounting, Installing, and Storing Very Large Contemporary Works of Art on Paper During Times of Constraint (abstract)
Joan Weir

Archives Conservation Discussion Group 2010: Working in an Unstable Economy: Experiences and Insight on the Conservation of Paper-based Materials in the Private Sector
Laura O'Brien Miller
discussion group Co-chairs
Marieka Kaye, moderator

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2010: Conservation in the 21st Century: Revisiting Past Practices and Their Evolution in Institutional Settings
Jody Beenk
discussion group Co-chairs
Werner Haun, moderator

Non-Destructive Analysis of 14th-19th Century Papers (abstract)
Tim Barrett
Mark Ormsby
Robert Shannon
Michael Schilling
Joy Mazurek
Jennifer Wade
Irene Br�ckle
Joseph Lang
Jessica White

The Role of Electrophilic Metal Ions AluminumIII and MagnesiumII in Paper Degradation and Deacidification
John W. Baty
William Minter
Sa Yong Lee

Quantitative Hyperspectral Imaging Technique for Condition Assessment and Monitoring of Historical Documents
Bernard J. Aalderink
Marvin E. Klein
Roberto Padoan
Gerrit de Bruin
Ted A.G. Steemers

Study of the Aging Behavior of Rosin-Alum Sized Papers by Analysis of Mechanical Strength, Optical Properties, and Chemical Composition Following Accelerated Aging (abstract)
Sa Yong Lee
John Baty
William Minter

Microscopy for Paper Conservation: Comparing Various Adhesives and Examining Wheat Starch Paste Preparation Methods
Crystal Maitland

Experimentation on Alternative Uses of Bookkeeper at Northwestern University Library
Susan Russick
Andrew Azman

The Impact of Training and Institutional Context on Book Conservation Practices
Liz Dube
Whitney Baker