Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 28 2009
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 28


Sizing in Nineteenth-Century Book Papers
Morgan Simms Adams
Cathleen A. Baker
Shannon Zachary

Treatment of Persian Lacquer Bindings (abstract)
Katherine Beaty

An Examination of Anoxic Color Fading for Selected Gouaches, Watercolors and Textiles (abstract)
Vincent Beltran

Material Japonisme in American Art, 1876-1925
Rebecca Capua

Unilateral Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Oil Stains on Paper (abstract)
Eleonora del Federico
Silvia Centeno
Cyndi O'Hern
Penelope Currier
Denise Stockman
Victoria Russell
Lindsey Tyne
Jacob Newman
Alexej Jerschow

Characteristics of Japanese Block Printed Books in the Edo Period: 1603-1867
Kazuko Hioki

New Directions in the Non-Destructive Analysis of Watercolors by John Marin (abstract)
Cyntia Karnes
John Delaney
Lisha Glinsman

A Discussion of the Conservation of "SS-Hygiene Institute" Documents in the Archives of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Beate Kozub

Where Archival and Fine Art Conservation Meet: Applying Iron Gall Ink Antioxidant and Deacidification Treatments to Corrosive Copper Watercolors
Crystal Maitland

Abrasion of Digital Reflection Prints: The Abrasiveness of Common Surfaces and the Vulnerability of Print Processes
Douglas Nishimura
Gene Salesin
Peter Adelstein
Daniel Burge

A Technical Study of a Relatively Unknown Printing Process: Mixografia (abstract)
Chail Norton

Digital Surrogates: A New Technique for Loss Compensation of Graphic Works on Paper (abstract)
Adam Novak

Place in Wales: Reconstructing Drawings from a Sketchbook by Francis Place
Emily O'Reilly

Monitoring Aging Processes of Archival Documents by Means of Quantitative Hyperspectral Imaging: A Part of the Hyperspectral Project at the Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands)
Roberto Padoan
Marvin E. Klein
Gerrit de Bruin
Bernard J. Aalderink
Ted A.G. Steemers

Using Tycore Board as Mounting Panel for Oversized Charcoal Drawing (abstract)
Fei Wen Tsai

Effect of Aqueous Treatments on Nineteenth-Century Iron-Gall-Ink Documents: Assessment Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Season Tse
Doug Goltz
Sherry Guild
Valeria Orlandini
Maria Trojan-Bedynski
Mary Richardson

Sacred Leaves: The Conservation and Exhibition of Early Buddhist Manuscripts on Palm Leaves
Yana van Dyke

Archives Conservation Discussion Group 2009: Conservation and Preservation Approaches for Stabilizing Large-Scale Collections
Jody Beenk
Marieka Kaye
Laura O'Brien Miller

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2009: Library Collections Conservation 2.0--New Directions--New and/or Adaptive Materials, Methods and Technologies Used in the Conservation Treatment and Housing of Library Collections
Laura Mccann
Werner Haun

Clearing the Image: A Quantitative Analysis of Historical Documents Using Hyperspectral Measurements
Bernard J. Aalderink
Marvin E. Klein
Roberto Padoan
Gerrit de Bruin
Ted A.G. Steemers

Letterpress Copying Books: Conservation and Preservation Implications
Beth Antoine

The Removal of Leather Dressing from Paper
Brenna Campbell

A Cut Above: The Crayola Cutter as Conservation Tool
Lisa Conte
Lisa Nelson
Katherine Sanderson
Eliza Spaulding

Effect of Aqueous Treatments on Nineteenth-Century Iron-Gall-Ink Documents: Calcium Phytate Treatment--Optimization of Existing Protocols
Valeria Orlandini