Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 26 2007
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 26


A Checkered Past: The Impact of Theft and Forgery on Treatment Decisions
Brenna Campbell

Jean Zuber et Compagnie's Le Paysage à Chasses at Willow Wall: Removal, Treatment, and Reinstallation of an Early Nineteenth-Century Scenic Wallpaper
Dianna Clise
Bryan Draper

FTIR Technique Used to Study Acidic Paper Manuscripts Dating from the Thirteenth to the Sixteenth Century from the Archive of the Crown of Aragón
Núria Ferrer And M. Carme Sistach

ASTM Lightfastness Testing of Pastels and Printed Digital Media (abstract)
Mark Gottsegen

New Insights on Disinfection of Archival and Library Materials Using Gamma Radiation (abstract)
John Havermans
Gerrit de Bruin

To Treat of Not to Treat--That is the Question: Options for the Conservation of Iron-Gall Ink on Paper
Christa Hofmann
Dubravka Jembrih-Simbürger
Manfred Schreiner
Rudolf Eichinger
Puchinger Leopold
Oliver Hahn
Ute Henniges
Antje Potthast
Erna Pilch-Karrer

The Remaking of a Modernist Icon: Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 3)
Scott Homolka
Beth A. Price
Ken Sutherland

Paper Identification Database: Characterization and Documentation of the Papers of the First Finnish Paper Mill, Tomasböle, 1667-1713
István Kecskeméti

Treatment Techniques for Persian and Arabic Bindings at the Library of Congress (abstract)
Yasmeen R. Khan

The Value of the Original and the Use of the Surrogate
Jane E. Klinger

Enhancing the Lifespan of Paper-Based Collections (abstract)
Jana Kolar
Matija Strlic

Training and Education in Paper Conservation: An International Team (abstract)
John Krill
A. Jean E. Brown

Nondestructive Measurement of the Gelatin Content of Historic Papers Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Mark Ormsby
Timothy Barrett
Joseph B. Lang
Joy Mazurek
Michael Schilling

What You See is Not What You Get: Deceptive Repairs and Alterations in Old Master Prints (abstract)
Roy Perkinson

The Development of a Multifunctional Vacuum Chamber
Jirí Polisenský

Contribution of Mid-IR Fiber-Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy to the Nondestructive Characterization of Artistic Prints (abstract)
Simone Porcinai
Marcello Picollo
Anna Vila
M. Carme Sistach
Núria Ferrer
José F. García

Not the Gospel Truth: Modern Manuscript Forgeries and the Story of the Archimedes Palimpsest (abstract)
Abigail Quandt

Comparing Mass Drying and Sterilization Protocols for Water-Damaged Books
Randy Silverman
Miranda Bliss
Harold M. Erickson
Niki Fidopiastis
Jan Francl
Barry Knight
Kirk Lively
Jirí Neuvirt
Deborah Novotny
Nicholas Yeager

The Unique Story of the Kupferstichkabinett-Berlin
Theresa Smith

Conservation of a Group of Early Nineteenth-Century Chinese Export Floral Paintings (abstract)
Minah Song

Composition and Condition of Naturally Aged European Papers
Catherine Stephens
Timothy Barrett
Paul Whitmore
Joy Mazurek
Michael Schilling
Walter Rantanen

Treatment Options for Oil Stains on Paper
Denise Stockman

Material Characterization: A Contribution to Reduce Fake Practices in Contemporary Prints
Anna Vila
José F. García

Eggs, Milk, and Fish: A Practical Investigation of Artists' Use of Fixatives
Joan Weir

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2007: Digitization and the Role of the Conservator
Sarah Reidell, moderator
Christine McCarthy, moderator

The Analysis and Authentication of a Civil War Valentine
Tish Brewer

A Technical Study of a Painting by Suzuki Harunobu at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Artist's Palette and Techniques
Jo-Fan Huang

Making it Stick: Paste on Paper
Katherine Sanderson

Artist Interviews as Tools for Diligent Conservation Practice
Samantha Sheesley

Historical Paper Conservation: Washing with Boiling Water Followed by Sun Bleaching
Theresa Smith

A Hand-held Surface Suction Device: Design, Construction, and Application
Lauren M. Varga

Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (SCMC) Re-evaluated for Paper, Book, Papyrus, and Parchment Conservation
Cathleen A. Baker

A New Material for the Conservation of Papyrus
Leyla Lau-Lamb

The Rebacking of a Photo Album with a "Tambour" Spine
Louiselle Bonnici
Joseph Schiro