Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 24 2005
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 24


Final Results of the Iron-Gall Ink Project at the Library of Congress (abstract)
Cindy Connelly Ryan
Elmer Eusman
Holly Krueger
Linda Stiber Morenus
Heather Wanser

Assessment, Treatment, and Study in the Conservation Laboratory of the Vatican Secret Archives (abstract)
Jana L. Dambrogio

Issues in the Conservation and Collections of American Vernacular Memorial Art
Lauren A. Farber

Movements in Paint: The Development of John Marin's Watercolor Palette (abstract)
Cyntia Karnes

Solving the Puzzle of Debora's Diary
Emily Klayman Jacobson

Video Documentary Hidden Grapes: Conservation of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Grapevine Screens (abstract)
Yoshi Nishio

Conservation of the Original Art for World War II U. S. Propaganda Posters
Allison McGuire Olson

Investigations of Nondestructive Methods for the Estimation of Gelatin Content of Papers
Mark Ormsby
Tim Barrett
Barry Hojjatie

A Study of Examination and Photo-Documentation of Iron-Gall Ink and Other Inks (summary)
Valeria Orlandini

Recend Developments in Preservation of Works on Paper
Hugh Phibbs

On the Road to Cairo: Conducting Papyrus Conservation Courses in Egypt
Ted Stanley

Analysis of Three Poultices for Paper Conservation (abstract)
Jeffrey Warda
Irene Br�ckle
Anik� Bez�r
Dan Kushel

Archives Conservators Discussion Group 2005: Hazardous Holdings
Linda Blaser, moderator
Susan Peckham, moderator

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2005: AIC Collections Care Task Force and "Self Preservation"
Beth Doyle, moderator
Heather Caldwell Kaufman, moderator
Whitney Baker, moderator

One Hundred Years of Conservation Documentation at the Newberry Library
Susan Russick
Giselle Sim�n

The Mystery of the Wire Loop: A Query for Investigation
Eric Alstrom

Turning Over Old Leaves: Palm Leaves Used in South Asian Manuscripts
Rachel Freeman

Rolled Map and Globe Storage at the Newberry Library
Abby Haywood

Restoring a Carte-de-Visite Album: The "Hinged-Back" of Philadelphia, 1863
Jae Carey