Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 23 2004
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 23


The Importance of Differing Perspectives in the Conservation and Preservation of Paper-Borne Materials
Cathleen A. Baker

Paper and Water (abstract)
Irene Br�ckle
Gerhard Banik

Optimizing Ink Corrosion Treatment Protocols at the Library of Congress (abstract)
Cindy Connelly-Ryan
Elmer Eusman
Holly H. Krueger
Linda Stiber Morenus
Heather Wanser

Paul Gauguin's Paintings on Paper: Infrared Investigations and Their Implications for Three Works from the Art Institute of Chicago Collection
Kristi Dahm

Ultraviolet and Infrared Examination of Japanese Woodblock Prints: Identifying Reds and Blues
Betty Fiske
Linda Stiber Morenus

Application of Sewn Board Technique to Book Conservation Practice
Gary Frost

An Investigation into the Use of Blue Copper Pigments in European Early Printed Books
Alexis Hagadorn

Preservation of the Iraqi Jewish Archive (abstract)
Doris Hamburg
Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler

A Cautious Approach to the Repair of Sewing
Pamela Barrios

Sewing Repair: A Minimalist Approach
Gillian Boal

A View from General Collections Conservation

In-Situ Repair Sewing of Parchment Text Blocks
Pamela Spitzmueller

An Investigation into the Prevalence and Chemistry of Crystal Formations on the Surface of Iron-Gall Ink: The Preliminary Results
Deborah la Camera

The Efficacy of Microchamber Boards in Passepartout for Paper-Based Art (summary)
Terry T. Schaeffer
James R. Druzik
Chail Norton

The Use of Fluid Dispensing Equipment in Conservation Treatment
Anna Stenstrom
Marc Reeves

Practical Applications of Protease Enzymes in Paper Conservation
Yana van Dyke

Historic Wallpaper Digitally Remastered: Early Twentieth-Century Block-Printed English Wallpaper in the Yin Yu Tang House at the Peabody Essex Museum
Tim Vitale
Paul Messier

Archives Conservators Discussion Group 2004: Paper Mending: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How
Kristen St. John, moderator
Nora Lockshin, moderator

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2004: Ergonomics for Collections Conservators and Doing More with Less
Beth Doyle, moderator
Heather Caldwell Kaufman, moderator

Treatment Tip for Mending "Sprung" Tears
Brenda M. Bernier

Restoration of a 1930s Lease Document: Combination of a Traditional Chinese Mounting Technique with a Western Paper Splitting Method
Angela Wai-Sum Liu

Permanence, Durability, and Unique Properties of Hanji
Minah Song
Jesse Munn

Mexican Fugitives: A Preliminary Investigation of Purple in the Torner Collection (abstract)
Robert A. Watson

Acidic and Alkaline Sizings for Printing, Writing, and Drawing Papers
Martin A. Hubbe