Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 3 1984
The American Institute for Conservation


Following is The Book and Pacer Group Annual (BPG Annual), Volume 3. It has been a pleasure to assist in getting this information organized, printed and delivered to the members of the BPG. I believe this issue will be consulted often in the future by members of our profession for the important information it contains.

The BPG Annual is a means for members of the conservation community to share experiences and personal insights with each other. Articles cover a wide spectrum of topics and issues and have not been edited for content in order to preserve their spontaneity. Articles which are well received and stimulate discussion should be considered by their authors for submission to the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation.

As editor of Volumes 2 and 3, I recommend the following guidelines for future issues of the BPG Annual.

  1. Any reasonable submission, regardless of length, will be accepted.
  2. Copy should be of at least type draft or word processor quality and should have at least one inch margins all around.
  3. Black and white photographs will be considered for inclusion, but should be limited in number.
  4. 500 copies are printed of each new edition. 350 to 400 copies are distributed to authors and members of tic BPG. The balance of the copies are for sale through the AIC office in Washington, D.C. for $15.00 each.

I wish to thank all those who have contributed articles to the Annual, without which there would be no publication, as well as Bob Futernick, Ellen McCrady and Tim Vitale for their moral support, advice and encouragement while I have been editor. I also wish to give thanks to Bill Hollinger of Conservation Resources International, Inc. for providing the archival paper used in this publication at cost. Finally I wish to thank the membership of the BPG for their support and patience.

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