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SOS for kids

The SOS! Sculpture Cards are available online! We're working on an interactive onscreen version, but for now you can download PDF files for printing.

For the text sides, click here (one file, 500K).

The picture side files are grouped according to orientation (vertical or horizontal) and to make downloading easier:

Cards 1-4 (816K)

Cards 16-19 (712K)

Cards 29-30 (560K)

Cards 5-8 (1.3MB)

Card 20 (100K)

Cards 31-33 (924K)

Cards 9-11 (692K)

Cards 21-24 (572K)

Cards 34-37 (1.3MB)

Cards 12-13 (256K)

Cards 25-27 (388K)

Card 38 (124K)

Cards 14-15 (296K)

Card 28 (164K)

Looking for lesson plans? Check out these sites:

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