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Do We See the Same Way?


If Sculpture Could Talk
Click on a sculpture and you'll make the picture bigger. You will also find interesting information about the sculpture and  the artist.

How Long Will It Take?
Each activity has a dot next to it that tells you how much time you'll need to work on the activity.
greendt.gif (1048 bytes)a green dot means that you can do the activity on-line or within an hour.
reddot.gif (1061 bytes)a red dot means that the activity is hands-on or will take more than one hour to complete. You will need to print the activity and complete the project when you are not on the computer.

greendt.gif (1048 bytes) How to Look at Sculpture
Some tips on how to look at sculpture. Come see!
greendt.gif (1048 bytes) Viewing Perspectives
How does sculpture change when you look at it from different sides?
greendt.gif (1048 bytes) Shapes Around Us
What shapes do you see?
greendt.gif (1048 bytes) Is It Really Real?
What is the difference between realistic and abstract sculpture?


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