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CNN.com - Rare historic documents lost to Katrina - Nov 2, 2005

Rare historic documents lost to Katrina New Orleans archives dating back to 1892 CNN Wednesday, November 2, 2005 http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/11/02/katrina.history.ap/ Copyright 2005 The Associated Press

This article reports on damage to archives in the Gulf Coast region.

  *   Pass Christian Historical Society headquarters washed away
      and most of collection of town ledgers and old newspapers

  *   The Director of the Hancock County Historical Society in Bay
      St. Louis had been making surrogate copies of important
      documents and 30,000 images, many onto digital media and
      stored offsite at the University of Southern Mississippi

  *   City Park archives were submerged for several weeks. Losses
      included four drawers of photographs (1890- ), including glass plate
      negatives, architectural drawiings, photographic prints, and
      scrapbooks, none of which had been copied.

* The New Orleans Notarial Archives was not damaged

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