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Report from Longue Vue - PRNewswire

Longue Vue Suffers Katrina Flooding, Commits To Helping Rebuild New Orleans

   Describes post-flooding situation at Longue Vue House & Gardens,
   a National Historic Landmark in New Orleans currently
   celebrating its 25th anniversary, which suffered substantial flood and
   wind damage from Hurricane Katrina.

      "According to Executive Director Bonnie Goldblum, the
       eight-acre estate became "a lake" after the storm. ...

          "Fortunately, the water stopped just inches short of
           entering the main floor of the house and other nearby
           structures that hold Longue Vue's collections.  Right
           now, we are battling the effects of no electricity, air
           conditioning or fountain pumps, which are essential to
           protect our collections."

      "Goldblum speculated it would take several months to restore
       fully all buildings, and much longer to re-build the formal

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