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Disaster Salvage and Response: A Special Issue of The WAAC Newsletter

Disaster Salvage and Response: A Special Issue of The WAAC Newsletter

   In response to recent events, the Western Association for Art
   Conservation (WAAC), has devoted the September 2005 (vol 27, no 3)
   issue of the WAAC Newsletter to articles on salvage and response. In
   order to facilitate recovery efforts WAAC is making this issue
   available online for a limited time (until January 15, 2006).

   This issue includes information on health and safety for salvage
   operations, a reprint with a new introduction of Betty Walsh's
   "Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archival Collections" and the
   "Salvage at a Glance" chart (in the print version this is printed
   on waterproof synthetic paper), a basic primer on mold, as well as a
   collection of new information and reprinted materials from a number
   of sources.

   This online version will be available until January 15, 2006,
   but print copies are available at any time. Back issues of the
   WAAC Newsletter may be purchased for $10.00 per copy, shipping
   included, by sending a check payable to WAAC to:

       Tania Collas
       WAAC Treasurer
       4430 Overland Ave. Apt. 3
       Culver City CA 90230-4138

   Older issues of the newsletter are available on at

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