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Alert Center: Hurricane Relief Efforts and Aftermath

There are numerous articles on the health effects of hurricane recovery.
Thanks to Jane Hutchins or the submission.



>From WebMD

>>Alert Center: Hurricane Relief Efforts and Aftermath
Updated October 10, 2005

In the aftermath of major hurricanes, this alert center will continue to
publish articles and links on emerging health and psychiatric problems,
stories of human interest, and updated resources for healthcare
professionals wanting to participate in volunteer activities.<<

Some articles:

Vibrio Illnesses After Hurricane Katrina - Multiple States, August-September

Twenty-two new cases of Vibrio illness were identified with 5 deaths in
persons who had resided in 2 states.

Highlights From MMWR: CO Poisoning After Hurricane Katrina and More
The CDC has reported on carbon monoxide poisoning after Hurricane Katrina.

Flood-Damaged New Orleans Hospitals to Be Closed
Charity Hospital in New Orleans, which captured the sympathy of the nation
as it struggled to evacuate patients from the chaos and destruction brought
by Hurricane Katrina last month, cannot be saved and will be closed,
officials said on Wednesday.

Resource Centers for Potential Health Effects from Katrina
Disaster and Trauma

Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases

Other Resources for Information on Hurricane Katrina
Katrina Discussion Center

Hurricane Katrina FAQs for Health-Care Professionals

US Government, State, and Other Organizations Involved in Relief Efforts

Relief Effort Information from US Medical and Specialty Organizations

Information for the General Population

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