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Katrina Exacts Heavy Toll on Gulf Architectural Legacy - enr.construction.com

Katrina Exacts Heavy Toll on Gulf Architectural Legacy
By Sam Lubell with Alex Ulam, Allen Freeman and Diana Lind.
enr.construction.com - 10/03/05

  "A coalition of nonprofit, professional, and government agencies
   is moving to protect hurricane-battered historic structures
   throughout the Gulf region. The Heritage Emergency National Task
   Force has formed a Katrina response group that is drafting
   legislation that proposes a 30% tax credit on qualified
   rehabilitation costs for owners of historic houses.

   In addition, the task force, which includes the Federal
   Emergency Management Agency, the American Institute of
   Architects and the National Trust for historic Preservation, is
   calling for the inclusion of preservation officers on damage
   assessment teams. "Its important after any disaster to make
   sure historic buildings dont get red-tagged for unnecessary
   demolition," says Nancy Schamu, executive director of the
   National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers,
   Washington, D.C."

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