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Louisiana Cultural Assets Rescue Message Exchange

The state of Louisiana has established a website described in the following
introduction quoted from the site on 9/20/05. 

See http://www.louisianahp.org/rescue/

AIC is listed as a resource for providing assistance (though I've asked them
to update the link they provide pointing it to the AIC homepage). There are
links on the site for requesting assistance, providing assistance and for an
updated list of the status of cultural institutions. 


Louisiana Cultural Assets Rescue Message Exchange

Welcome to the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism's
Cultural Resource Community Website. This site has been specifically
designed to serve as a bulletin board and clearinghouse for those in the
cultural resource community. It is for those involved in cultural endeavors
to publicly post their needs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and it is for
those wishing to provide goods, services, or support to those in need. It is
our hope that the website is self-operating. 

We've also listed some other websites with helpful information that you may
wish to visit. Also, if you have comments or suggestions, there's an email
address at the bottom for those. 

Finally, we wish to express our appreciation to all of those who have
already made generous offers of support and assistance to those affected by
Hurricane Katrina. We will rebuild. 

Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu 
Angèle Davis, Secretary, Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism 
Pam Breaux, Assistant Secretary, Office of Cultural Development 

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