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AIC Emergency Response Update

1.  We in the AIC office are hearing from members who are congratulating and thanking us for AIC's response to this emergency.
Others we are working with are expressing appreciation of all the AIC and its members offer during this crisis. Currently, 159
conservators have completed our response form.  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

2.  We are working closely with AASLH.  Bev Perkins, project coordinator, has provided AASLH with a supply list and David Goist and
Bev are helping with the action plan.  The first team going in with an RV leaves for LA on Monday/Tuesday.  David Goist, Chris
Stavroudis, and Sharon Bennett are part of this team.  Two teams are being organized to go to MS next week and Bev is recommending
conservators for those teams.  Each team will be gone for one week and then a fresh team will rotate on. The first phase is
assessment, then conservators with appropriate specialties will be matched with collections/organizations.

3.  AIC is also supplying lists of architectural and ethnographic
conservators to FEMA and the National Trust.

4.  We continue to participate in the Heritage Emergency National TF calls and
communicate regularly with Heritage Preservation.

More soon.


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