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Flood Relief Aid Listserv

I've been asked to let people know about this listserv.  I've pasted the
following description from
where one can also find subscription information.



FLOOD RELIEF AID (2002, 2004 AND 2005)

With the August 2002 floods in the parts of Central Europe, members of the
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the American Conference
of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), and our environmental health
and safety colleagues in USA and Canada offered technical assistance to
agencies in the Czech Republic.

We hosted multi-site videoconferences with our colleagues at the Charles
University in Prague, Czech Republic on January 16, March 20 and June 26,
2003. The 4th videoconference on "Conservation of Archives, Art and Books"
was held on October 16, 2003.

The purpose of these videoconferences was to exchange technical information
needed during flood cleanup and recovery phases in the affected regions of
the Czech Republic.

Past videoconferences can be viewed using Real Player at:
http://video.indiana.edu:8080/ramgen/vic/czech_flooding_20030116.rm (MOLD)
http://video.indiana.edu:8080/ramgen/vic/Czech_flooding_20030320.rm (MOLD)
http://video.indiana.edu:8080/ramgen/vic/czech_flood_20030626.rm (WEST NILE
http://video.indiana.edu:8080/ramgen/vic/czech_flooding_20031016.rm (BOOKS) 

During 2005 our collective knowledge, experience and focus switched to the
tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean and now Hurricane Katrina in Gulf Coast
states ...


Andrew Cutz, CIH
AIHA International Affairs Committee
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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