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Telephone help lines

A number of private and non-profit conservation facilities have established
emergency help lines. Here is a list based on information sent to me / or
that I've gleaned from the web.  Please add more to this list.

Amigos Library Services - damage assessments, coordination of recovery
resources: (800) 843-8482 (8 AM to 6 PM CST) and (818) 207-4983 (after

Chicago Conservation Center - works on paper, textiles, objects, paining,
murals, frames and photographs" (312) 543-1462; toll-free (800) 250-6919
(available 24 hours).

Northeast Document Conservation Center - archival materials, photographs,
works on paper, books: (978) 470-1010 (available 24 hours).

The Upper Midwest Conservation Association - photographs, works on paper,
textiles, paintings, objects: (612) 870-3128 (available 24 hours).

Solinet - referrals to conservators, consultants, disaster recovery firms
and specific disaster recovery advice - (800) 999-8558 ext. 4894.

Specs Brothers - Magnetic media, including audiotape, videotape and computer
disks: (800) 852-7732.

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