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[ARSCLIST] MV-95 Magnetic Developer

I contacted the manufacturer in Japan to verify suitability for use with
analog audio-tape and where to purchase. It's quite a bit less expensive
than purchasing from the one 'net outlet in Sweden.

I'm verifying the shipping charges; I purchase items small and large from
Japan on a regular basis and can't fathom how something this small (credit
card sized) could cost $130 to ship. Hazmat handling?  I've also inquired
about shipping for multiple pieces and price breaks. Would anyone be
interested in doing a 'group purchase'? Please contact me off-list if so.



Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for your inquiry about our Magnetic Viewer MV-95.
We have no distributors in the US. We would like you to place a
direct order with us. We quote as follows:

	Unit price		USD 260.00
	Freight			USD 130.00
	Payment			Wire transfer in advance
	Delivery		7 days

We look forward to your order.


Hideo Ohno
Sales Manager

Sigma Hi-Chemical Inc.
5244-1 Ohba, Fujisawa-shi
Kanagawa-ken, 251-0861 Japan
Tel: 81-466-88-2131 Fax: 81-466-87-8267

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