To the EDITOR.

SIR,--In mechanically preparing albumen for photography the thorough and complete disintegration of every particle is indispensable.

By the ordinary fork process this is generally a long and tiresome job. I long contemplated making a machine to assist in the work, and have recently constructed a rough one, which answers completely, taking six minutes only to beat the albumen up instead of twenty-five, and producing a much better article, so much so that I think it would be impossible to make it as well by the fork.


The apparatus is simple: a suitably shaped beater is rotated amongst the albumen in a basin (slowly at first, the speed being increased as the froth rises), by means of a pair of pulleys, in the proportion of about six to one, connected by a crossed band; a speed of upwards of five hundred revolutions per minute being easily attained. The standard, carrying the pulleys and beater shaft, slants at an angle of about forty-five degrees, and may be fastened to a table or board by a clamp.

When in use the large pulley is turned by the right hand, the basin containing the albumen, &c., being held in the left, so that the beater can have the proper dip, and every bit of the froth subjected to it effectually.

The enclosed print will show you the arrangement.

21st March, 1859. M. NOTON.